Fun Run 2 Cheats 2016

Fun Run 2 Cheats 2016

FunRun 2 cheats

Fun Run 2 cheats are here! In this website you will find all the official latest cheats, hacks, mods and tricks for the Fun Run 2 game!

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About Fun Run 2 Game

Fun Run 2 is developed after the big success of Fun Run game , that was released in 2012. Fun Run 2 has become one of the most popular game in 2016. Yo can fin this game in Google play and Apple Itunes store. Why is this game has become so beloved among the mobile game community?

– Free on Google Play store and Itunes store
– Supports mutli players
– Fun to play


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About our Funrun 2 Cheat tool

This Fun Run 2 hack and tips site is developed by 3 game enthusiasts. We want to help players to play the game smart and have fun playing the game. You can read about our development team in the about us page.

We have coded this software and have tested in all the available  platforms to make sure that the Fun Run 2 hack is working 100% in all the platforms. When there are new updates, we will automatically update the tool.

Fum Run 2 Multi player Cheat tool is a multi platform tool , that means that that you can use it with your Android , Apple Iphone , Apple Ipad , Apple Ipod touch and Kindle fire. This Fun run 2 mod tool can be installed in windows or mac computers.
The program itself is very small, current version being just 1.1 Mb.

Funrun2 cheats download

Features of our Fun Run 2 Hack tool

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Speed Hack
  • Unlock All Skins
  • Use of Proxies (you will never get ban from the game , when you use this feature)
  • Automatic Updates
  • 100% Safe
  • Multi Platform Support
  • Proxy Support

How to Use the Fun Run2  Cheat Tool?

1.Download FR2 Cheat tool from the download button below.

2. Install in your PC or MAC

3.Connect your device with USB

4.Run the tool

5.Select your device, click next

Funrun2 cheats download
6.Select the hack you want to apply, click ‘use proxy’ box , to ensure that you won’t get a ban.

funrun2 android cheats
7.Click apply hack
8.Enjoy your game 🙂

Windows Download


Mac Download


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FunRun2 Cheats


  1. Hello there, I downloaded the tool and instlled in my mac book pro. Already added 1000 coins and works perfect 🙂
    My questions is, is there a tool that can be installed in ubuntu?

    1. Hello Jenny, Good to hear that the tool is working for you. We do not have a tool designed for linux yet, but if there are more requests, we will develop a program for linux as wel.

  2. It just works as stated. I tested with less coins and it worked. I am suggesting that you also add only small about of coins everyday. Do not at a big amount, to stay under the radar.

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